Instructions to Authors

Author Information

We ask author(s) to submit a separate word document, which includes the following information, for each member of the Author Team:

  1. Author Name
  2. Degree(s)
  3. AHIP (if applicable)
  4. Title/Position
  5. Library
  6. Employer
  7. City, State
  8. ORCID (if applicable)
  9. Email

Research Approval

For any human subject or animal submissions, authors should indicate Human Ethics, Institutional Review Board (IRB), or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval.


The Editorial team encourages author(s) to use active voice. When writing the Results and Methods section, past present (e.g., wrote) is the preferred tense for Hypothesis submissions. Please contact the Editor with any questions.

Anonymizing/Blinding Your Manuscript

Any references written by a member of the author team should be redacted.

Any references to employer(s), program(s), or something a peer reviewer might recognize and use to identify you should be removed.

Contact with any comment, questions, or concerns.

Reference Style

Hypothesis uses the Vancouver citation style.  Authors should use superscripts to indicate in-text citations. When possible (e.g., articles published in the 2000s-present, include the Digital Object Identifier for articles and a URL for websites.

Images, Charts, Graphs, Figures, and Tables 

No restrictions exist for numbers or type of figures, charts, tables, or illustrations to include with a submission. Files must be saved as PNG files and uploaded as separate documents. 

The Production Editor and Editor reserve the right to create Appendixes for oversized images, figures, etc, which will not fit in the standard letter size sheet of paper (8.5 inch or 21.59 cm by 11 inch or 27.94 cm).  

Author(s) should contact the Editor, if they plan to include and oversized image, figure, etc. 

CRediT Author Statement

Multi-author submission teams are asked to complete the CRediT Author Statement. This statement should precede the references section of the submission.