Hypothesis is an open access peer-reviewed journal. Our Editorial Team is comprised of volunteers from the Medical Library Association and other Professional Associations. We are excited to work with new, up-and-coming, and established Health Science researchers.

This journal offers five peer reviewed and two editorial reviewed submission categories.

While Hypothesis accepts submissions year round, issue inclusion deadlines are listed below:

March Issue: November 15th

September Issue: June 15th

Author(s) are asked to use the Vancouver citation style and to use superscripts for all in-text citations.

If you have ideas about who should submit toHypothesis or a topic thatHypothesis should feature in a future issue, consider emailing hypothesisj@protonmail.com.

Submission-to-Production Timeline:

From submission-to-notification, the Peer Review process takes between 4-8 weeks. Please adhere to the Author Guidelines and Submission Preparation Checklist to ensure timely review of your submission.

Copy editing takes about 2-4 weeks. Author(s) will receive a Copy editing proof and they are asked to review and to submit changes within 2 weeks time.

Finally, the Galley is created and sent to authors, who get one week to review and to request minor changes (e.g., punctuation, title adjustments, etc.).

The Editorial Team and Editor will be in touch and field questions at each stage of the publication process. Please note: To ensure that our issue gets published on time, the Editor or Editorial Team might shorten your "review" time for Copy Editing and Review of Galleys.

If you have any questions, please contact the Editorial Team.