Article Types

Field Notes

The Field Notes section provides reflections and thought leadership in student affairs assessment, through curated contributions and editorial notes. These articles position student affairs assessment in the current climate and use critical and reflective thinking, abstract reasoning, and theoretical analysis to advance inquiry, improvement, and impact.

The Scholarship of Inquiry, Improvement, and Impact

The Scholarship of Inquiry, Improvement, and Impact section shares empirical studies that advance the current literature of student affairs assessment using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods approaches.

Inquiry, Improvement, and Impact in Action

The Inquiry, Improvement, and Impact in Action section provides tangible, easily adaptable or replicable strategies, questions, or tools that have helped student affairs practitioners, leaders, and assessment professionals implement quality improvement efforts and share evidence of impact in a local context. These articles use successful, practical experience to help advance the field of student affairs assessment.

Media Reviews

The Media Reviews section is a space for articles that provide a thorough description and meaningful evaluation of the quality, utility, and significance of student affairs assessment-related resources, such as books, blogs, or podcasts. These articles provide key points of the media artifact and insight as to how the information may be useful to the reader.