Special Issue Call: Career Preparation and Outcomes


The Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry, Improvement and Impact (JSAIII) seeks authors for a special edition focused on assessment and scholarship of career preparation and career outcomes in career-related offices and programs. Examples of topics may include:

  • Strategies for collecting and using career outcome data overall or in specific institution types
  • Assessment of career-related programs and outcomes for historically marginalized populations or diverse institution types, such as community colleges, HBCUs, and HSIs
  • Assessing the effectiveness or impact of career readiness education at scale, especially when delivered by non-career practitioners/faculty
  • Measuring career success beyond salary metrics
  • Understanding the career perspectives and needs of Gen Z and Gen Alpha (emerging)
  • Measuring the impact or effectiveness of career initiatives beyond finding internships or first destination
  • Moving beyond attendance counts as a measure of success for programming. 
  • Measuring the effectiveness of career coaching/staff when it may include unconscious or conscious bias
  • Reviews of assessment tools or dashboards that are available to specifically gather and visualize career data
  • The history and/or future of data/assessment in career services

For more information about submitting to JSAIII, check out the submissions website and the types of articles we are seeking. To submit a proposal, complete the article proposal template and upload it to the JSAIII system based on the proposal instructions on the submissions website. If you have questions, contact guest co-editors Kim Yousey-Elsener or Lisa Mann. The deadline for article proposals is June 1, 2024. Below, we have outlined the rest of the writing and publication timeline:

     June 1 Proposal Due

     June 15 Proposal Decisions

     September 30 First Draft Due

     October 31 Review of First Draft Complete

     January 31 Second Draft Due

     February 28 Review of Second Draft Complete

     March 31 Final Article Due

     May 2025 Issue Publication

Reviewer Call. At this time, we also welcome individuals interested in serving as a reviewer for this special issue to submit an application! Please complete the JSAIII Reviewer Application, which requires a letter of interest and resume/CV. If you have any questions about serving as a JSAIII reviewer for this special issue or any issue, please contact the editor, Heather Strine-Patterson.