Corrections to Volume 4, No. 1

Corrections to Bailey & Tracey (2022)   In the artilce, "Using Art to Undermine Epistemic Injustice in DBT Research" by Elizabeth Bailey and Monica W. Tracey (ENGAGE!, 2022, Vol 4, No. 1, pp. 38-47.) There is an error on page 38, in the spelling of the first author's last name. It should read Bailey not Baily.    Corrections to Harvey & Villalvazo (2022)   In the article, "Why Cultural Diplomacy Is More Relevant—And More Challenging—Than Ever" by William Harvey and Fernanda Villalvazo (ENGAGE!, 2022, Vol 4, No.1, pp. 49-59. There is an error on the page 49, the author's afflitation information is incorrect.  Their affliations should read as follows:  William Harvey, Founder, Cultures in Harmony, and Violin Professor, Universidad Panamericana Fernanda Villalvazo, Founder, Péepem Art Association, and Violin Professor, Escuela Superior de Música