A Content Analysis of the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport: 1992-2016


  • John J. Miller University of Southern Mississippi
  • Andy Gillentine University of South Carolina
  • Andrew Olinger Ohio State University
  • Sara Vogt Troy University




As the flagship journal of the Sport and Recreation Law Association, the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport (JLAS) serves “…as an interdisciplinary outlet for legal issues in the sport, recreation, and related fields to meet the needs of researchers, academicians, practitioners, and policymakers” (About JLAS, para. 2). A study by Batista and Pittman (2006) identified JLAS as the most highly ranked sport law journal among journals focusing on sport management. Articles appearing in the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport have informed court decisions and case outcomes, policy decisions and debate on limited liability legislation, health and safety issues, and universal access to sport opportunities (Spengler & Miller, 2014). Additionally, JLAS articles have been cited in journals published in a variety of countries including India, China, Australia, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Spain (Spengler & Miller, 2014). These inclusions indicate that the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport has had some degree of success in attaining international recognition and appeal. Although JLAS has been published since 1992, a complete formal analysis of the content has never been conducted. A content analysis of JLAS may provide critical information regarding the diversity of topics covered, the specific research types utilized, demographic information regarding the authors published, and perhaps identify any gaps that may exist in the current literature base. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to conduct a content analysis of articles published in the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport (JLAS) from 1992-2016.






Original Research