Sports and Humanitarian Development: A Look at Sports Programming in the Refugee Crisis Through a Case Study of KickStart Joy Soccer Project at the Zaatari Refugee Camp


  • Elizabeth Cheung-Gaffney The Catalyst Foundation



The international development community is increasingly looking toward sports programs to play a role in the development of marginalized populations in both disaster and developing contexts. All aspects of the aid community, including governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and civil society, increasingly look toward the growing body of international treatises as a framework to maximize the role that sports programming can play in the lives of marginalized youth. This case study of a soccer program in Zaatari Refugee Camp highlights how the different parts of this movement come together, particularly the international treatises, legal regulations, and public/private partnerships.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Cheung-Gaffney, The Catalyst Foundation

Elizabeth Cheung-Gaffney, JD, is a legal counsel and senior program officer at The Catalyst Foundation.






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