The Professionalization of Baccalaureate-Level Social Work


  • Bradford W. Sheafor Colorado State University



Social work education, baccalaureate social work, Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, social work as a profession


We are occasionally privileged to observe an important event in the history of some aspect of life, but one is rarely an eyewitness to the birth of a profession—or even a specific division of a profession. Nevertheless, along with others, I had the privilege of participating in a series of events over several years that, with hindsight, I realize made me a witness to the birth of baccalaureate social work. This article reflects the perspective of one person engaged in these events and may differ from the observations of other participants. Yet, it represents my best recollection of events that began nearly fifty years ago.

Author Biography

Bradford W. Sheafor, Colorado State University

Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Social Work