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C. W. Arave, J. L. Albright—Dominance Rank and Physiological
Traits as Affected by Shifting Cows from One Group to Another

Jo Anne Mueller, Wayne Paul Mueller—Behavioral and Physiological Differences of Mice Grown at 4 C and 21 C

Harold L. Zimmack—What is the Future for Biological Control
of Insects?

Ralph D. Kirkpatrick and Thomas W. Landrum—Preliminary
Evaluation of a Tooth Wear Aging Technique for the Big
Brown Bat, Eptesicus Fuscus

C. Barry Knisley—Phytoseiid Mites of Pease Woods, Johnson
County, Indiana—A Preliminary Study

Loren G. Martin, Kim L. Brokaw, and James J. McGrath—Effect
of Aging on Erythrocytic 2, 3-DPG Concentration

Joseph M. Poland—A Study of Iron Deficiency Anemia in College

Thomas Joseph—Evidence of Possible Superfetation or Delayed
Implantation in the Opossum Didelphis Virginiana

Lee Engstrom and Nick Pappas—Studies of a Naturally Occurring
Rudimentary Gonad Phenocyte in Drosophila Melanogaster

W. J. Eversole—Studies on Experimental Hyptertension in Rats

Gregory Caplinger—STH Maintenance in Hypophysectomized Rana Pipiens with a Synergistic Affect

Dianne Vermillion and William Brett—Blood Clearance and
Tissue Uptake of AG in the Turtle, Pseudemys Scripta

Sheri Parr and William Brett—Tissue Uptake, Accumulation, and
Retention of AG in the Rat, Rattus Norvegicus

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