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Stanley L. Burden— Using an On-Line Minicomputer in the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory

Ross C. Koile and Robert E. Van Atta— Further Studies on the
Physical and Chemical Evaluation of Used Motor Oil

John W. McFarland, William Essary, Lale Cilenti, William
Cozart, Alan Kaylo, Philip McFarland— The Chemistry of
the Furopyridines

Dwain Sparks and Eugene Schwartz—Determination of the For-mation Constants of HF, HF2 -, and AgF in Aqueous Solution
Using the Fluoride Electrode

Robert E. Van Atta— Inexpensive Instruments for Constant-Current Coulometric Titrations

Daniel P. Fadal and Stanley L. Burden—Analyzing Environ-mental Samples in the Undergraduate Science Laboratory by
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Michael A. Sailor and Robert E. Van Atta— Effect of Sampling
Parameters and Other Physical and Chemical Conditions on
the Chemical Analysis of White River Waters

John M. Gardlik and Warren E. Hoffman—Spectrophotometry
Determination of Stability Constants: A Study of the Complex
Ions Formed from Di-n-Butyloxamidine and Ni + ² , Co + ², and Cu + ² Ions

Bruce N. Storhoff and Christoper L. Scanlon—The Syntheses
and Reactions of Some Tetrahydrofuran Complexes of Rhenium

P. L. Bock and G. M. Whitesides— The Stereochemistry of Insertion Reactions Involving Carbon-Iron º-Bonds

James D. Copp and John H. Meiser— The Heat Pump and Its Role in the "Energy Crisis"

John A. Mosbo— Effects of Phosphorus Stereochemistry on Pmr
Coupling Constants in Cyclic Organophosphorus Compounds

Eugene S. Wagner, Lewis Truex— Comparison of the Irreversible
Binding of Penicillin to Human Serum and Plasma

Marvin Carmack, Glenn A. Berchtold, Samuel Berkowitz,
Mohammad Behforouz— The Mechanisms of the Willgerodt-Kindler Reactions

Terry L. Kruger—Some Observations on the Use of an Open-Ended Multioption Laboratory for Organic Chemistry

Mark J. Niebauer and Pang F. Ma—A Study of Adenosine
Deaminase in Normal and Canerous Human Tissues

Geraldine Huitink— Studies of the F-Pyrone Nucleus

Janice L. Strohm and Terry L. Kruger— The Synthesis of Some
Cycloalkene Carbonitriles*


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