• Richard L. Conklin


Abstracts included:

Alice S. Bennett, Cheryl A. Bye, Hsin-I-Kao, David R. Ober and Michele M. Vakili. A Feasibility Study for the Detection of Radon in Water by the Liquid Scintillation Method.

Richard Booe and Uwe J. Hansen. Real-time Holographic Interferometry of Vibrating Structures.

Clarence Brooks and Ronald Cosby. Optical Analysis of a Reflecting Strip Solar Concentrator.

Alseyni Diallo and Ronald Cosby. Solar Food Drying in the Republic of Guinea.

Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr. and John Swez. Initial Studies on Radon Gas at Mammoth Cave National Park Using Activated Carbon Canisters.

Frank K. Edmondson. Contributions of the Ford Foundation to Astronomy.

Eduardo V. Flores. An Effective Lagrangian for the Bosonic Sector of the Standard Model with a Heavy Fermion.

Uwe J. Hansen, Thomas D. Rossing and Scott Hampton. The Physics of Steel Drums.

R.H. Howes. Pedagogical Advantages of SDI.

M. McInerney. Air Resistance of the Ball-and-string Pendulum.

Benjamin P. Miller and Howard E. Dunn. An Orthogonal Least Squares Method for Data Correlation.

Davtd R. Ober and Clifford M. Rotenberg. Determination of Indoor Radon Concentration Levels by Detecting Daughter Decay Products with a Geiger Counter.

Momtaz Shaheen and Ronald Cosby. Physics of Concentrator Solar Cells.

John Swez. Demonstration of the Charcoal Cannister Method of Radon Detection.

James B. Westgard. Solution of Maxwell-Lorentz Equations in Co-moving Coordinate Systems.

Bruce Wilcoxen and Walter Carnahan. Measurement of Atmospheric Turbidity in Central Indiana.

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Physics and Astronomy