• Konrad J. Bananzak


Abstracts included:

Torsten Alvager, Ashok Puri and Ramnath Raymond. Remote Sensing with Fiber Optics in Oil and Soil Exploration.

Curtis Ault. Bedrock Joint and Fracture Patterns in Indiana: A Progress Report.

Mark A. Brown, Donald D. Carr, Margaret V. Ennis, R.K. Leininger and Louis V. Miller. Distribution and Sources of Iron in the Salem Limestone of South Central Indiana.

Garre A. Conner. Cuttoff Sandstone and Succession of Upper Pennsylvanian Strata in the Wabash Valley.

John B. Droste and Stanley J. Keller. Early Pennsylvanian Landscape in Western Indiana.

Julie Elbert and Lee Guernsey. Southwestern Indiana's Abandoned Coal Mine Problems.

William A. Gustin. "Weatherwatchers" and You: Viewer Responses to Television Severe Weather Warnings."

Walter A. Hasenmueller, Louis V. Miller and Jimmy J. Johnson.
Distribution of Sulfur Forms in Indiana Coal Resources.

N.R. Shaffer and L.J. Krause. Relation of Petrology to S0<sub>2</sub> Absorption of Carbonate Rocks from Southern Indiana.

Randall E. Taylor and Haydn H. Murray. Sulfur Forms, Trace Elements and Mineralogy of the Danville Coal Member (VII) in Indiana.

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