• James R. Aldrich


Abstracts included:

Robert L. Ball. Factors Affecting Growth and Abundance of Young Walleye.

Jennifer J. Bucki and Stephen A. Perrill. Responses of Male Green Frogs (Rana clamitans) to Broadcasted Conspecific Calls.

Burnell C. Fischer, David W. George, Ben Hubbard and Janet Eger. Stocking, Growth and Structural Changes over 20 Years on Two Indiana State Forests.

David W. George and Burnell C. Fischer. Tree Species Composition Related to Aspect and Slope Position Following Clearcut Harvesting on the Hoosier National Forest.

Paul C. MacMillan. Nitrogen Fixation in Course Woody Debris.

David J. Hicks and Marisa Yoder. Original Vegetation and Contemporary Landscape Patterns in Southern Elkhart County Indiana.

Kevin J. McKeag and Thomas McComish. Changes in the Potential Forage Fish Populations in Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan: 1973 Compared to 1984-86.

Molly Morris and Stacia Yoon. Possible Mechanism of Female Choice in Hyla Chrysoscelis.

James T. Streator and Allen S. Krall. Selected Metal Ion Concentrations in River Waters in Fulton, Kosciusco, Wabash and Whitley Counties.

Victor Riemenschneider. Seven Years of Change in Seedling Density Following Windthrow in an Old Growth Beech-Maple Forest in Northern Indiana.

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James R. Aldrich