• Kenneth L. Busch


Abstracts included:

Macklin B. Arnold, Mark A. Horn and Mohammad Behforouz. Synthesis of 2-Amino-2-methyl and 2-Amino-3-methylquinoline-5,8-diones (1 and 2).

John D. Bain, P. Elaine Parsons and Bruce N. Storhoff. Rhenium (I) Complexes of Pyridine-functionalized Benzo-15-Crown-5.

James W. Brown and J.L. Kirsch. Infrared Studies of Charge-transfer Complexes of Metalloporphyrins and Biologically Active Quinones.

Marvin Carmack, Mohammad Behforouz, Glen A. Berchtold, Samuel M. Berkowitz, Ralph P. Barone and Donald Wiesler. The Sometime Peripatetic Carbonyl Function.

Marvin Carmack and John M. Chigas. The Reductive Isomerization of α-Bromoketones.

Shrikrishna W. Dhawale. Corrosion Potentials of Some Metals and Alloys in the Presence of Sulfur Oxyanions.

Howard E. Dunn. An Easy Way to Draw Enantiomers.

Greg L. Durst, Mian Chin, Paul L. Bock and John A. Mosbo. Molecular Mechanics (MM<sup>2</sup>) Caculations and Cone Angles of Phosphine Ligands.

Vida Farazi and Bruce N. Storhoff. The Preparation and Study of Phosphine-functionalized Benzo-15-Crown-5.

Jeff M. Gargas, Atilla Tuncay and Robert M. Moriarty. Hypervalent Iodine Oxidation: α-Acetoxylation of Esters Using Iodobenzenediacetate.

G.I.H. Hanania and R.F. Sultan. Effect of Temperature on Protein Titration Curves: Theory and Experiment.

Marie G. Hankins, Warren Hankins, Jeff Klingler and Diana Julian. NMR Studies of 2-Hydroxy-2,5-diphenyl-3,4- dichlorofuran in CDCl<sub>3</sub>.

John Henley and Eugene S. Wagner. Evidence for the Enzyme System Responsible for L-Ascorbic Acid Entrapment in Human Erythrocytes.

Richard A. Kjonaas and Kimberly K. Clingerman. The Reactions of Triorganozincate Reagents with Carbonyl Compounds: Addition versus Reduction and Enolization.

Mike Munchhof and Ben Nassim. Total Synthesis of a 6-Methyl-A-seco-A, 19-dinorsteriod.

Michael D. Ober and Eric R. Johnson. The Effect of Guanidinium Chloride on the Extent of Glutamoyl Peptide Bond Cleavage by Staphylococcus aureus Protease V8.

Julius Pawlowski, Atilla Tuncay and Robert M. Moriarty. Snythesis of 3,3'-Biindolyls Using Mixed Iodonium Salts.

David A. Rusk and Mohammad Behforouz. Tetrahydro-ß-carbolines Derived from ß-Methyltryptophan.

Briand T. Sanderson and Eugene P. Schwartz. Magnetic Susceptibilities of Acetylacetone and Dipivaloyl-methane Complexes.

Eugene P. Schwartz. Unusual Dielectric Behavior of bis-dipivaloylmethanato Complexes of Nickel, Copper and Zinc.

A. Sideeq and A.N. Siakotos. 4-Hydroxynonynal in Batten's Disease.

Rebecca Smith and Pang F. Ma. A Study of the Adenosine Deaminase Conversion Factor in Pathological Human Blood Serum.

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Kenneth L. Busch