• C. Michael Anslinger


Abstracts included:

C. Michael Anslinger. A Shoreline Reconnaissance of Cecil M. Harden Lake, Parke County, Indiana

C. Michael Anslinger. Archaeological Excavations at the Middle-Late Archaic Bluegrass Site (12W162), Warrick County, Indiana.

Ruth A. Brinker. Archaeology in the Coal Fields: An Update.

Raymond J. Buechler and Kimberly A. Watkins. A Preliminary Analysis of Chert Tools and Debitage Collected from Sites in the Glendale Data Center.

Mark Cantin. Toward a Model of Chert Usage in Southwestern Indiana: A Diachronic Perspective.

Mark Cantin. Variability within Middle-Late Archaic Projectile Point Morphology and Technology: Implications for the Cultural Chronology of Southwest Indiana.

Donald R. Cochran. An Earthwork Chronology for Mounds State Park: Implications for Early and Middle Woodland in East Central Indiana.

Donald R. Cochran. Rescue Excavations at the Hesher Site, A Late Woodland Cemetery in East Central Indiana.

Sherri L. Hilgeman. Artificial Cranial Deformation at Angel Site, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

Misty Jackson and C. Michael Anslinger. Archaeological Testing of the Van Duyan Site, Parke County, Indiana.

James A. Mohow. The Archaeological Resources of the Maumee River Valley in Allen County, Indiana.

Brian G. Redmond. Paleopathology of an Historic Indian Burial from the Angel Site.

Mark R. Schurr. Chemical Dating of Bone.

Kenneth B. Tankersley. Early Paleo-Indian Lithic Exploitation in Southern Indiana: A View from the Sites.

Curtis H. Tomak. Plummer, Stanford, and Scipio Cherts: Descriptions, Sources, and Utilization in Sections of the White River Valley.

Author Biography

C. Michael Anslinger