• G. Bryant Bachman


Abstracts included:

A. J. McElheny and R. E. Davis. Out-of-Plane Bending Force Constants of Carbonium Ions: A Novel Suggestion Explaining Fast Solvolysis Rates without Invoking Non-classical Ions.

R. E. Davis and C. T. Theisen. Studies on the Willgerodt Reaction. IV. The Kinetics of Isomerizations of 1,3-Diphenyl-2-propanone by Sulfur and Morpholine.

L. A. McGrew and D. Stibbins. Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Some 1,3-Bisaryl-2,4-uretidinediones and Trisaryl-s-triazine-(lH,3H,5H)2,4,6-triones.

L. A. McGrew. Catalyst and Substituent Effects in the Dimerization and Trimerization of Aryl Isocyanates.

H. Morrison and S. Kurowsky. Dehydration of 3-Hexen-2,5-diol. Evidence for alpha-Protonation of an Aliphatic, Conjugated Dienol.

R. R. Jaeger and M. E. Lipschutz. The Shock Histories of Iron Meteorites and Their Implications.

M. Burton, R. R. Hentz and W. V. Sherman. The Mechanism of Hydrogen Formation in the gamma-Radiolysis of 1,4-Dioxane.

M. Burton, R. R. Hentz and R. J. Knight. The Mechanism of Radiation-Induced Luminescence from Scintillators in Cyclohexane.

C. R. Mueller. Molecular Beam Scattering Technique and the Theory of Chemical Reactions.

E. Campaigne and S. Osborn. Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of the Isometric Napthobenzothiophene and Napthobenzofurans.

J. Wolinsky and D. Nelson. The Synthesis of Matatabiether and Related Terpenes.

M. A. Wechter and F. Schmidt-Bleek. Exchange on Gas-Chromatographic Columns.


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G. Bryant Bachman