• Ralph Jersild


Abstracts included:

F. Padgett and A. S. Levine. A Collodian-methacrylate Supporting Film.

D. J. Morre, J. Horst, S. Nyquist and W. Yunghans. Use of Plasma Fractions as Aids to Golgi Apparatus Isolation.

J. F. Schmedtje. Nonspecific Neutral Esterase and Agranular Endoplasmic Reticulum.

I. Watanabe, S. Donahue and N. Hoggatt. The Fine Structure of Human Leukocytes from Peripheral Blood.

J. R. Welser. Fine Structure of the Canine Pinealocyte.

M. McConnell, S. N. Grove, and C. E. Bracker. Studies on the Hyphal Wall of the Fungus Pythium ultimum.

R. A. Jersild and P. S. Gibbs. Studies on the Effects of Ethionine on Intestinal Fat Transport.

M. Pensaert. An Electron Microscopic Study of Transmissible Gastroenteritis in Swine.

C, R. Morgan and R. A. Jersild. Electron Microscopic Study of Human Islet B-Cell Adenomas.

A. Kahn. Protochlorophyll Holochrome Participation in Photorearrangement of Tubular Membranes in Prolamellar Bodies of Etiolated Bean Leaf Proplastids.


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Ralph Jersild




Cell Biology