Abstracts, Notes


  • S. N. Postlethwait


Abstracts included:

F. L. Patterson. Breeding Behavior and Vigor in Nullisomic and Monosomic Avena sativa L.

M. S. Ghemawat and J. F. Schafer. An Unusual Isolate of Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici.

A. J. Ullstrup and A. F. Troyer. A Noninfectious Lethal Leaf Spot in Maize.

H. Murray and S. N. Postlethwait. Sexual Differentiation of the Lateral Buds of Zea mays.

D. M. Shultes and S. N. Postlethwait. The Adherent Tassel Mutant of Maize.

D. D. Husband and S. N. Postlethwait. The Milk-weed Pod Mutant of Zea mays.

H. M. Leon-Gallegos. The Use of Fluorescence in the Histopathology of Plant Tissues.

G. J. Anderson and D. L. Dilcher. Cuticular Analysis of the Extinct Genus Dryophyllum.

Notes included:

L. and A. Beesley. Wild Flowers of Indiana and Franklin County.

Author Biography

S. N. Postlethwait