• J. S. Ingraham


Abstracts included:

D. Carver and D. W. Dennen. Sulfatase Activity and Secondary Metabolism of Cepalosporium Sp.

L. E. Beaty and M. E. Hodges. Induction of Arginase by the Shope Papilloma Virus.

L. H. Barbosa and J. Warren. The Effect of Parenteral Mitogens on Tissue Cultivation.

M. Kende. Application of Latex-agglutination to the Measurement of Antibody Response to M. pneumoniae Vaccines.

B. S. Wostmann. Serological Changes in Ex-germfree Rats Mono-associated with Salmonella typhimurium.

J. S. Ingraham and B. H. Petersen. Specialization of Antibody Formation Among Individual Spleen Cells Responding to a Complex Antigen.

T. J. Starr and 0. Holtermann. Uncoating and Development of Vaccinia Virus in Tissue-Cultured Cell-Fragments Induced with Concentrated Extracts from Marine Algae.

J. Sedmak and R. Ramaley. Identification of the Major <sup>32</sup>P Phosphohistidine Protein from E. coli as Succinyl CoA Synthetase.

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J. S. Ingraham