Abstracts, Notes


  • Georg K. Neumann


Abstracts included:

G. K. Neumann. Stature of some Prehistoric American Indian Populations of Eastern United States.

G. K. Neumann and S. S. Saksena. Diagnostic Morphological Characteristics in the Diagnosis of Ancestral Components in Negro-white Hybrids in the United States.

J. F. Tincher. Preliminary Report on some Burials from the Iliniwek Indian Cemetery at Fort Chartres.

B. Morris. A Preliminary Report on a Probable Occupation Site.

S. Townsend and B. Morris. Mound Four, West, New Castle Site.

R. L. Buchman. A Preliminary Report of the Pottery from New Castle Site Hn 1.

Notes included:

B. K. Swartz, Jr. Basic Data Report on Artifact Slips: an Examination of an Archeological Procedure.

Author Biography

Georg K. Neumann