Developing a Marketing Strategy for Nonprofit Events


  • Anna Guinn student
  • Yao-Yi Fu



The research for this project primarily focuses on marketing the various types of nonprofit events. The study looks at the most popular types of fundraising events, as well as thank you events that are held for donors, and attempt to better understand how they differ from other events. Additionally, this study examines several popular fundraising events to see how they were promoted by analyzing their social media and websites in particular. The results of the study indicate that nonprofit events are very unique to other events in their purpose, as well as how they are marketed to potential attendees. Nonprofit event marketing must be much deeper than the marketing of other events. Promotion must motivate attendance by creating an emotional appeal that deeply connects potential attendees to an organization and its cause. Only when this connection is formed can a support-raising event be successful in raising long-term support to make a positive impact.






Literature Review