Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

Warm greetings from the editorial team of Event and Tourism Review!

As we all know, 2020 has been proven to be a very hard and challenging year for all of us. We sincerely wish that the coronavirus will disappear soon, and tourism industry will steer its course back to normal. Whether taking staycation or vacation, be safe, and be healthy.

As a young journal, the response ETR has received from the academics and the industry so far is beyond good. For the year 2021, we would like to invite you to continue to support our journal and contribute an original paper for a publication in our upcoming issues.

ETR invites contributions related to the following subjects in events, tourism and hospitality: consumer behavior; crisis management; destination marketing; economics; education; entrepreneurship; ethics; health and wellbeing; financial management; food operations; IT applications; leadership; management; planning and design; public relations; risk management; sales and marketing; social media; sustainability; technology; and industrial trends.

We are looking forward to working with you.

With our best regards!

Dr. Suosheng Wang, Editor
Dr. Mona Mirehie, Associate Editor
Event and Tourism Review

  • Call for Paper (2024)


    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    The latest issue of Events and Tourism Review (ETR) is available at

    The journal of Events and Tourism Review is an open access, peer-reviewed and international journal. Published articles are related to the fields of events, tourism and hospitality as specified in the paper submission description ( Now we invite scholarly contributions to the upcoming issues.

    Events and Tourism Review adopts an innovative publication way to reward study design and methodology as much as the final results. Noteworthy is the journal's openness to original scholarly research carried out by graduate students or collaborative research endeavors involving students and their supervising professors.

    Look forward to working with you in the year of 2024.

    Best regards!

    Dr. Suosheng Wang, Editor
    Events and Tourism Review

    Professor, Department of Tourism, Event and Sport Management,
    School of Health and Human Science,
    Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA

    901 West New York Street, Office PE271, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA.
    Email:, Office Phone: 317.278.9098.

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