The use of geographic information systems (GIS) in conducting a needs assessment of seniors in Collier County


  • Thomas Patrick Felke Florida Gulf Coast University



geographic information systems (GIS), seniors, needs assessment


Despite boasting a population where approximately 50% of individuals are aged 65 or older, Collier County has few services specifically targeting this population. This project utilized geographic information systems (GIS) to examine the current needs of the senior population in a defined section of Collier County, Florida. Various data points regarding the population age 65 and over were obtained using the U.S. Census Bureau’s American FactFinder tool. This data was incorporated into digital maps that included the census tracts of the selected geographic area, locations of existing programs/services, and the existing transportation network. The results of the spatial analysis were corroborated by data collected via key informant interviews and focus groups. The result of the project was the establishment of the first senior access center in Collier County. The project reinforces the use of GIS technologies for the purposes of needs assessment and siting program locations in the human services.

Author Biography

Thomas Patrick Felke, Florida Gulf Coast University

Department of Social Work BSW Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor