Advances in Social Work: 2020 Reviewers and Affiliations


Reviewer Appreciation

With this issue we would also like to thank the many reviewers worldwide who completed reviews for Advances in Social Work this past year. In 2020, 297 individuals from 9 countries and 44 states and territories representing 170 colleges/universities and agencies served as AISW reviewers. We truly appreciate the voluntary efforts of our reviewers in enhancing the scholarly contributions of the journal. We are very proud of both the broad participation of authors and reviewers and of our legacy as an open access journal since 2008.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals who reviewed manuscripts for Advances in Social Work in 2020. Without their time and expertise, Advances in Social Work would not be possible.

Janet Acker, The College of Saint Rose

Margaret E. Adamek, Indiana University (2)

Stephanie Adams, Eastern Kentucky University

Keith Adamson, University of Toronto

Christson A. Adedoyin, Samford University (2)

Amy Alberton, University of Windsor

Karen M. Allen, Indiana University (3)

Susan Allen, The University of Mississippi (retired)

Skye Allmang, Rutgers University

Nina Asaki, Springfield College

Gifty D. Ashirifi, Indiana University

Gail M. Augustine, Indiana University

Stephanie Baird, University of Toronto

Adrienne Baldwin-White, University of Georgia

Jo Ann M. Bamdas, Florida Atlantic University

Mahasweta Banerjee, Kansas University

Carenlee Barkdull, University of North Dakota

Cathy Beck-Cross, Grand View University (2)

Natalie Bembry, Rutgers University

Larry Bennett, University of Illinois Chicago

Amy Benton, Texas State University

Rosalyn Bertram, University of Missouri

Renee Betts, Indiana University (2)

Christine Bishop, Stephen F. Austin State University (2)

Jenny Bonaventure, Louisiana State University

Ashleigh Borgmeyer, Louisiana State University

Dara Bourassa, Shippensburg University

Nova J. Bradford, University of Minnesota

Shane Ryan Brady, University of Oklahoma

Hannah Britton, University of Kansas

Marion Brown, Dalhousie University

Teri Browne, University of South Carolina

BJ Bryson, James Madison University

Stephanie Bryson, Portland State University

Angela N. Bullock, University of the District of Columbia

Barb J. Burdge, Manchester University

Jamie Burgess-Flowers, University of North Carolina

Lauren Busfield, Doylestown, PA (2)

Helen Cahalane, University of Pittsburgh

Laura Cardinal, University of Southern California

Joan Marie Carlson, Indiana University

Danny Carroll, Indiana University

Kala Chakradhar, Murray State University

Keith T. Chan, University at Albany (2)

Valerie Chang, Indiana University

Jennifer Chappell Deckert, University of Kansas Bethel College (2)

Jeannine Chester, College at Old Westbury

Christina Chiarelli-Helminiak, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Ga-Young Choi, California State University

Jill M. Chonody, Boise State University

Alberto Cifuentes, University of Connecticut

Michael Clarkson-Hendrix, Fredonia State University of New York

Michel Coconis, Ohio University

Crystal Collins-Camargo, University of Louisville

Susan A. Comerford, University of Vermont (2)

Monique Constance-Huggins, Winthrop University

Lana Cook, University of South Carolina

Elisabeth Counselman-Carpenter, Southern Connecticut State University

Katherine J. Crawford, Auburn University

Travis W. Cronin, California State University

Janeen M. Cross, Howard University (2)

Ann Curry-Stevens, Portland State University (2)

Audrey Davis, University of St. Francis

Tamara Sue Davis, Indiana University

Denise Davison, Morgan State University

Allison De Marco, University of North Carolina

Rhonda Peterson Dealey, Washburn University

Megan Deichen Hansen, Florida State University College of Medicine

Bertha DeJesus, Millersville University

Ankita Deka, Augsburg University

Elena Delavega, University of Memphis

Zoila Del-Villar, New York University

Claire Dente, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

David S. Derezotes, University of Utah

Denise Dews, University of North Carolina

Mery F. Diaz, New York City College of Technology/CUNY

Quincy Dinnerson, Norfolk State University

Jessica Donohue-Dioh, University of Houston

Donna Dopwell, Middle Tennessee State University

Karen C. Ellinwood, University of Arizona

Susan E. Elswick, University of Memphis

Rafael Jacob Engel, University of Pittsburgh (2)

Sara English, Winthrop University (2)

Anne S.J. Farina, Saint Louis University

Phil Farmer, Jarvis Christian College

Brandi Jean Felderhoff, University of Texas

Thomas Patrick Felke, Florida Gulf Coast University

Dan Ferguson, Yakima Valley College

Amy Killen Fisher, University of Mississippi

Colleen M. Fisher, University of Alabama

Karen A. Ford, James Madison University

Fran Franklin, Delaware State University (2)

Carly Franklin, University of Arkansas

William Frey, Columbia University

Christine Fulmer, Liberty University

Dashawna Fussell-Ware, University of Pittsburgh

Susan Gair, John Carroll University

John Robert Gallagher, Indiana University

Michelle D Garner, University of Washington

Trevor Gates, University of the Sunshine Coast (3)

Carolyn S. Gentle-Genitty, Indiana University (2)

Molly Gebler, Arizona State University

Susan L. Glassburn, Indiana University

Lauri Goldkind, Fordham University

Steven Granich, Lock Haven University

Jillian Graves, Eastern Michigan

Elizabeth Jane Greeno, University of Maryland

Joshua Gregory, University of California, Berkeley

Virgil Lee Gregory, Indiana University

Susan Grossman, Loyola University Chicago

Kristen Guskovict, HEART (Humanitarian Empathy and Refugee Trauma) of Aid Work

Jodi Hall, North Carolina State University

Kristin Hamre, Indiana University (3)

Michele Hanna, University of Denver

Victoria Hanson (2)

Kiva Harper, University of Texas

Barbara Mary Harris, Creighton University

Evan Harris, Indiana University

Daphne Henderson, The University of Tennessee

Jocelyn Clare Hermoso, San Francisco State University

Robin Hernandez-Mekonnen, Stockton University

Janna Heyman, Fordham University

Anthony J. Hill, Winthrop University

Erin Hipple, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Steven Hoffler, Southern Connecticut State University

Mark S. Homan, Pima Community College

Cole Hooley, Brigham Young University (2)

Carol Hostetter, Indiana University

Stephenie Howard, Howard University

Jeremiah W. Jaggers, University of Utah (2)

Sarah C. Johnson, Hunter College (2)

Brooke L. Jordan, University of North Carolina

Michael N. Kane, Florida Atlantic University

Laura Kaplan

Isaac Karikari, University of North Dakota (2)

Saliwe Moyo Kawewe, Southern Illinois University

Nancy Kelley, University of Omaha

Michael Kelly, Loyola University Chicago

Teri Kennedy, The University of Kansas Medical Center

Lalit Khandare, Pacific University

Daniel Kikulwe, York University

Peter Kindle, University of South Dakota

Taniko King-Jordan, University of Indianapolis (2)

Wayne Kinney, University of Cincinnati

Eileen Klein, Ramapo College

Julia Kleinschmit, University of Iowa

Karen M. Kolivoski, Howard University

Stacey Kolomer, University of North Carolina (2)

David C. Kondrat, Indiana University (3)

Eric Kyere, Indiana University (2)

Walter La Mendola, University of Denver

Shannon Lane, Yeshiva University

Lisa Lapeyrouse, University of Michigan (2)

Julie Anne Laser-Maira, University of Denver

Shonda Kaye Lawrence, Clark Atlanta University

Stephanie Lechuga-Pena, Arizona State University

Zulkipli Lessy, Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University

Kathryn Ann Levine, University of Manitoba

Younghee Lim, University of Mississippi

Megan Lindsey, Northern Kentucky University (2)

Kristen Faye Linton, California State University (2)

Diane Nicole Loeffler, University of Kentucky (2)

Mayra Lopez-Humphreys, City University of New York

Robert Lucio, Saint Leo University

John Luk, University of Texas

Phil Mach, First Nations Health Authority

Dale Dagar Maglalang, Boston College

Virginia Majewski, Indiana University (2)

Arati Maleku, The Ohio State University

Gayle Mallinger, Western Kentucky University

Michael A. Mancini, Saint Louis University

Leslie Margolin, University of Iowa

Susana Mariscal, Indiana University (2)

James Marley, Loyola University Chicago

Michael Massey, The Catholic University of America

Elizabeth Matthews, Fordham University

Debra Mattison, University of Michigan

Maureen Rubin, Calming Chaos Co.*

Catherine Mazzotta, Buffalo State College

Heather A. McCabe, Indiana University

Rebecca McCall, University of North Carolina

Jennifer B. McCarthy, A.T. Still University

Katie McCarthy, Indiana University

Emily L. McCave, Quinnipiac University

Irene Searles McClatchey, Kennesaw State University

Henrika McCoy, University of Illinois Chicago

Cathy McElderry, Tennessee State University

Lisa Elizabeth McGuire, James Madison University (3)*

Michael E. McGuire, University of North Carolina

Goutham Menon, University of Nevada Reno

Lori Messinger, University of Knoxville

Alyssa Middleton, University of Louisville

Margaret Miles, Castleton University

Nakia Miller, Yeshiva University

Abigail Adubea Mills, University of Ghana

Rebecca G. Mirick, Salem State University (2)

Carmen Morano, University at Albany

Amy B. Murphy-Nugen, Western Carolina University (2)

Zablon Mutongu, St. Paul’s University

Mitra Naseh, Portland State University

Ande Nesmith, University of St. Thomas

Jason Newell, University of Montevallo (2)

Gilbert Nick, Columbia University

Mary Nienow, St. Cathrine University

Kristina Nikolova, Wayne State University (3)

Jayashree Nimmagadda, Rhode Island University

Jan Nissly, University of Southern California

Stephanie Odera, Virginia Commonwealth University

Victoria Osborne, Sacred Heart University

Nora Padykula, Westfield State University (2)

Meg Panichelli, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Kimberly Pendell, Portland State University

Panagiotis Pentaris, University of Greenwich

Ebony Perez, Saint Leo University

Katherine Perone, Western Illinois University

Liana Petruzzi, University of Texas (2)

Amy Phillips, Minot State University

Barbara Pierce, Indiana University (3)

Linda Plitt Donaldson, James Madison University

Miriam Potocky, Florida International University

Gerald T. Powers, Indiana University

Mary A. Provence, Indiana University

Camille R. Quinn, The Ohio State University

Stephanie Quiring, Indiana University (2)

Hasan Reza, Indiana University

Dasha Rhodes, Morgan State University

Tonya Kay Ricklefs, Washburn University (2)

Carrie W Rishel, West Virginia University

Victoria Rizzo, University at Albany

Anne S. Robertson, University of Denver (2)

Helen Robinson, Washington University in St. Louis

Selena T. Rodgers, York College of The City University of New York

Saleem Saleem, Capital University

Trina Colleen Salm Ward, University of Wisconsin (2)

Ceema Samimi, University of Minnesota (2)

Adriana Sandu, Anglia Ruskin University

Mary Angeline Santhosam, University of Madras

Beth Sapiro, Montclair State University

Allison Schad, University of North Carolina

Beverly Cynthia Sealey, Simmons College

Dee Ann Sherwood, Western Michigan University

Erica Shifflet, Michigan State University

Brian Sick, University of Minnesota

Samuel Lisenga Simbine, Midlands State University

Chris Simmons, University of South Florida

Jennifer E. Simpson, University of Northampton

Melissa Singh, University of Southern California (2)

Greta Slater, Ball State University

Alexa M. Smith-Osborne, University of Texas

Fabienne Snowden, Medgar Evers College

Tricia Snyder, The College at Brockport, State University of New York

Tracy M. Soska, University of Pittsburgh (2)

Yolanda D. Spears, Univeristy of Iowa

Vincent R. Starnino, Indiana University

Kimberly Stauss, University of Arkansas

Jordan Janger Steiner, Rutgers University

Erin Stevenson, Eastern Kentucky University

Anne L. Stewart, James Madison University

Hannah Stohry, Miami University

Lynette Studer, University of Wisconsin

Sabrina Sullenberger, Belmont University (2)

Lin Sun, Indiana University

Michelle Sunkel, Capella University

Betty Surbeck, West Chester University of Pennsylvania (2)

Suzanne Taylor Sutphin, University of South Carolina

Peter Szto, University of Nebraska

Elizabeth P. Talbot, Concordia University Wisconsin

Sarah Tarshis, University of Toronto (2)

Meredith Tetloff, University of Montevallo

Melissa Thompson, University of South Florida

Emily Tillotson, Walla Walla University

John Tracy

Kristin Trainor, Ball State University

Wendy Turner, University of Southern Indiana

Dr. Valandra, University of Arkansas (2)

Lea Wolf, City University of New York (3)

Kelechi Wright, University of Kansas

Jessica Yang, Winthrop University

Grace Yi, Indiana University (2)

Jimmy Young, California State University (2)

Lisa de Saxe Zerden, University of North Carolina (3)*

*Special guest editor