Interview with Barbara Holland


  • Valerie Holton



In this interview, current CUMU Executive Director and past MUJ journal editor Valerie Holton interviews Barbara Holland who served as editor of the journal from 1997-2016. Dr. Holland is a professor, researcher and consultant recognized internationally for her scholarship and expertise on organizational change in higher education with a special focus on the strategic impacts of community engagement as a method of teaching, learning and research. She has served in senior academic administrative roles at several universities in the United States and Australia, held a visiting scholar role in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development headquarters for two years during the Clinton and Bush administrations, and was Executive Director of the federally funded National Service-Learning Clearinghouse for seven years. The library collection, upon the closing of the Clearinghouse, was moved to the Criss Library at University of Nebraska Omaha in 2011 and is called The Barbara A. Holland Collection for Service-Learning and Community Engagement. In 2018, CUMU launched the Barbara A. Holland Scholar-Administrator Award in recognition of her contributions to the field and her legacy as a scholar-administrator. In this interview, Dr. Holland discusses her work with CUMU and MUJ since she became part of the organization in 1990.