Power of Community in “Engage for Equity PLUS” for Strengthening Equity-Centered Patient and Community-Engaged Research in Academic Health Centers


  • Nina Wallerstein University of New Mexico
  • Shannon Sanchez-Youngman
  • Elizabeth Dickson
  • Prajakta Adsul
  • Michael Muhammad
  • Tabia Henry Akintobi
  • Rhonda Holliday
  • LaShawn Hoffman
  • Howard Grant
  • Melissa Kottke
  • Lisa Goldman Rosas
  • Anisha Patel
  • Patricia Rodriguez Espinosa
  • Ysabel Duron
  • Starla Gay
  • Jason A. Mendoza
  • Kathy Briant
  • Rachel Ceballos
  • Elizabeth Carosso
  • Diane Mapes
  • Bridgette Hempstead
  • Tung Nguyen




community based participatory research, community engagement, Community Engagement, Institutional Transformation, engage for equity


Community based participatory research (CBPR) and patient/community engaged research (P/CEnR) in health have grown rapidly over the last decades. Despite the proliferation of individual collaborative projects, there has been a growing recognition that single projects are insufficient to improve health equity. Improved infrastructures are needed within academic health centers and other research institutes to better support investigators and community members to create and sustain effective research partnerships and projects. This commentary presents a two-year funded effort to transform CBPR and P/CEnR policies and practices at three academic health centers, using the evidence based Engage for Equity tools and strategies from the University of New Mexico Center for Participatory Research. We present a brief overview of the processes and results of Engage for Equity PLUS, with implications for other Academic Health Centers and Universities to take on similar goals of authentic and sustainable engagement.


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