Urban Agriculture and Campus Sustainability: Recent Books


  • Stephanie Ritchie University of Maryland, College Park




Urban farming, Student farms, Sustainability, Higher education, Food systems


Food and agriculture meet an essential need of all humans and the details of how food is produced, distributed, consumed, and disposed is of increasing interest (Hedegaard Larsen, 2016). To meet the growing expectations of the campus community, many college and university decision-makers are including food and agriculture concerns as part of curricula, and in the planning, development, and sustainability efforts. This selected bibliography includes a selection of recently published books covering issues relevant to institutions of higher education on food, agriculture, and sustainability efforts.

Author Biography

Stephanie Ritchie, University of Maryland, College Park

Stephanie Ritchie is the Agriculture and Natural Resources Librarian at the University of Maryland, and previously lead librarian at the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center at the USDA’s National Agricultural Library. She has supported researchers in urban agriculture, helped create a USDA urban agriculture toolkit, and currently curates a Mendeley group on the topic available at https://www.mendeley.com/groups/4679531/urban-agriculture/


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