Models for Faculty Development: What Does It Take to be a Community-Engaged Scholar?


  • Lynn W. Blanchard
  • Juan Carlos Belliard Loma Linda University
  • Kathleen Krichbaum University of Minnesota
  • Emily Waters University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Sarena D. Seifer


Higher Education, Community Engagement, Engaged Scholarship, Faculty Development


Community-engaged scholarship (CES) is gaining legitimacy in higher education. However, challenges of institutionalizing and sustaining it as a core value remain. Significant barriers exist for faculty choosing to incorporate CES into their teaching and research. Faculty development programs are a key mechanism for advancing faculty skills as well as increasing institutional support. This paper provides a framework and set of competencies for faculty pursuing CES, developed by the Faculty Development Workgroup of the Community-Engaged Scholarship for Health Collaborative. Examples of promising faculty development programs already underway and guidance for new programs are also offered.