Vol. 31 No. 2 (2012): Special Issue of Indiana Libraries: Story: Indiana Libraries and the West Baden Springs Hotel

Co-Editors:  Dina M. Kellams and Rhonda E.L. Spencer

Dina M. Kellams is an Associate Archivist, Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records
Management, Bloomington, Indiana (dmkellam@indiana.edu).

Rhonda E.L. Spencer is the Director of Admissions and Placement for the Indiana University School of Library
and Information Science, Bloomington, Indiana (spencerr@indiana.edu).

There is a lot of library history tied to this special place. Did you know that the 50th American Library Association Conference was held at the West Baden Springs Hotel in 1928? The Indiana Library Association held their conference there in 1923. During World War I, the hotel was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers -- complete with an ALA-supported library. Having a sense of  place - a sense of investment in one’s state and community - adds to the enjoyment of work in Indiana libraries.
Published: 2012-01-02